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Cottages for 2 - holiday rentals


We are very fortunate in Britain to have some of the most beautiful countryside in the world and also a wide range of country cottages, houses and log cabins to rent for a holiday in these lovely locations.

The great advantage of holiday rentals is that they are not only fully equipped for a comfortable holiday but offer you so much more space, privacy and freedom than a hotel room ever could. Usually they are also better value for money than hotels for stays of three days or more.

Click on the following link to find a wide selection of holiday rentals, including a cottage for 2:

cottages for 2

Self catering accommodation for couples

luxury cottages for couples for self catering breaksOne of the pleasures in life when all your children have grown up and flown the nest is to be able to escape to the country on a whim. It is easy when just 2 people are involved.

Self catering accommodation suits some people because it is fairly flexible. You could, for example, rent a larger cottage than just for 2 people and invite your family or friends to stay during your holiday.