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Our friendly customer services team is committed to answering all your questions and assisting in finding the prefect holiday cottage thats sleeps two people. . We would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and send it to us.

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Please telephone +44(0)1245 425 718
All contributions to this website welcome is ideal for couples at any stage of life. A holiday in a hotel room is adequate but sometimes it is nice to be able to stretch your wings and enjoy a private stay in your own rented holiday home with every comfort that you would normally have at home, and more if you opt for luxury cottage rentals.

Luxury Cottages for 2 to may have some very welcome extra facilities; spa, swimming pool, sauna, cinema room, games room and more.

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Our Aims For You and Your Partner

We aim to bring couples some of the very best self-catering holiday cottages for two in various parts of the UK - cottage breaks and log cabin holiday for 2 to suit every pocket.

We encourage holidaymakers to make full use of the feedback section on the site to give other couples your recommendation and a sense of what they can expect when booking our holiday cottages.

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