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Our Privacy Policy

  • The only data collected and stored about visitors who use is that which users freely give.
  • We have an email subscription option which allows people to receive newsletters about holiday cottages for 2 from time to time.
  • This will include information about new cottages added, special offers and cottages convenient for festivals and annual events.
  • Any user who sign up for newsletters have to right to opt out of the service at any time via an unsubscribe link on the newsletter.
  • This mailing list is not shared with any other organisation.

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Our Aims For You and Your Partner

We aim to bring couples some of the very best self-catering holiday cottages for two in various parts of the UK - cottage breaks and log cabin holiday for 2 to suit every pocket.

We encourage holidaymakers to make full use of the feedback section on the site to give other couples your recommendation and a sense of what they can expect when booking our holiday cottages.

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