Late Deals on Cottages for Two

Cottages for 2 last minute


When you have had enough and simply need to get away - there always last minute cottages for couples that you can rely on.

When life is getting you down or you can't bear the ever-turning hamster wheel, rediscover what life is about and get away somewhere tranquil with the partner you love.


Life is about more than work. Stay in the country in a charming cottage for two people and see the world around you with new eyes.


Our natural world is beautiful if you have time to look. So many things keep us busy, too busy to think about ourselves, the ones we love and what really matters.

Sometimes you just have to book that holiday and go despite any other demands. Nothing is as important as the well-being of you and your partner.

Time to live a little - even if it is in a last minute rush

Obtaining that balance in life is never easy, especially for conscientious people who are always motivated to get through their workload and get ahead in their careers. Factor pleasure into your calendar and make sure that you have time to enjoy the world and to make your partner feel special occasionally.

There is little point in amassing a fortune if you have no one to share it with.

Our country is amazing, such a wealth of stunning locations, national parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Whilst the masses rush off to bask on a foreign beach and ruin their skin, be smart and stay in the UK where we have vista after vista of rural loveliness that inspires and heals.

Make time in your year for that UK cottage getaway and discover just how relaxing and pleasing it can be. A small luxurious cottage with crisp cotton bed linen, brunch on the patio in the garden and candlelit dinners can leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Go shopping in small country towns and find goods that you would actually want to buy without worrying how you can get them home and limitations of baggage allowances.

We have holiday heaven in the UK; a vast choice of holiday cottages, superb fresh food and wines from around the globe, no nasty diseases and few threats. Spend a little more time discovering a new corner of Brtitain and you'll be pleasantly surprised, even if you do it at a moment's notice and book a last minute holiday cottage.

A late deal away break for two in a self-catering cottage

Spend that precious leisure time enjoyably with the one you love. There is little point in going on holiday together if you cannot be pleased with where you stay. You may be rushed into booking anywhere simply based on a generous discount. Do make sure that the holiday cottage suits your wish list. There is no point on booking somewhere in the country if your partnet prefers city breaks.

Take time to establish exactly the type of holiday cottage you are looking for, the setting and places the two of you might like to visit.

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We aim to bring couples some of the very best self-catering holiday cottages for two in various parts of the UK - cottage breaks and log cabin holiday for 2 to suit every pocket.

We encourage holidaymakers to make full use of the feedback section on the site to give other couples your recommendation and a sense of what they can expect when booking our holiday cottages.

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