Pet-friendly Cottage Sleeps Two in Snowdonia

Find a dog-friendly cottage for two people in Snowdonia

Have a dog and want to go on holiday to Snowdonia and take the dog with you?

Find lots of beautiful dog friendly country cottages in Snowdonia, set in mountainous scenery with a myriad of walks uphill, around lakes and along the coast.

Find a fabulous holiday home for two in the stunning Snowdonia national park in Gwynedd, north Wales. Happiness is being able to take your dogs on holiday with you and enjoy days out with the company of your four-legged friends. There is a wide range of holiday accommodation to choose from where pets are very welcome. Cottages with a fully fenced back garden are best because you can allow your dogs to enjoy the garden on their own. Failing that, there are houses, apartments and log cabins that all make for a satisfying holiday base. It is advantageous to stay close the walks you hope to do in Snowdonia. The less driving the better is the situation for most dogs. Think of the pleasure that your pets will have in sniffing out all those new scents.

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Good quality pet-friendly country cottages for two in Snowdonia.


Snowdonia is truly stunning whatever the season. It beckons nature lovers, explorers and pet owners to come, savour its delights. Here you can revel in tales of dark myths and ancient legends, go underground and learn more about the rich mining history, potter around medieval castles or wander through elegant parks and pretty gardens with doggie by your side. It is bursting at the seams with action packed fun at one end of the scale and peace and rejuvenation at the other. They say that a dog’s greatest fear is the thought of his owner walking out the door and never returning but the Welsh are very pet friendly so spare your dog those horrible fears and bring him with you. Below are some pet friendly activities you could enjoy with your pooch…

Coed y Brenin: Here you can leave city life behind for just a while and merge into the slower pace of country life. Yes, the pavements of the city will disappear and you will walk upon the woodland floor with its many shades of brown. Intermingled are the stones, adding their own hints of grey to the mosaic beneath your feet. There are plenty of nooks and crannies for your furry friend to explore and a nature trail for children which makes walking fun! Little ones can take part in an adventure looking for animals which are cleverly disguised into the landscape. There is a lovely café nearby serving fresh food at very reasonable prices. You will also find a shower for cleaning muddy paws and shoes before heading back to the car!


Take the dogs to Harlech Castle - it's pet-friendly


Harlech Castle…a piece of glorious history in which you can open your mind and reflect…walk upon floors which have experienced joy, sadness, laughter and love all under one roof, resonate with these emotions and imagine how life must have been for those who lived and loved so very long ago and whose spirit you can acknowledge as you capture a glimpse of bygone days. There is a gift shop and modern café on sight but why not take your own doggie bag and sit outside in the great outdoors. Share some tasty tid-bits with your dog… his favourite treat? Anything that is in the bag but if you really want to spoil him you could cook up a treat in your holiday cottage…hmm what would he like? How about some peanut butter chewy bites or biscuits loaded with cinnamon and honey…you can almost see him salivating at the thought.

A quick break in a self-catering cottage in Snowdonia, complete with dogs

Harlech Beach…if you have just visited Harlech Castle, you may as well saunter on down to the beach! Now, to the naked eye, one beach may look like all the rest but there is something quite unique about this one. You are encompassed by the most exquisite scenery and the beach is super clean, it stretches for miles and is dotted with the tallest sand dunes. A great spot for a bit of dog sniffing. Yep, turn your hound into Sherlock Bones and put his sniffer to the test. When he isn’t looking, find a spot to hide his favourite toy. Then stand with the wind blowing directly into your faces, this will waft the scent of the toy straight up his nose and you will see just how clever your four- legged friend really is! The coast provides the perfect weather for blowing bubbles, so pop them in your pocket and watch how your dog chases frantically after something which he will never physically catch! After all that exploring your pooch may want to take a ‘dip and shake’ in the water to freshen up!

And if it rains? Hey owners, don’t let the rain get you down! You are on holiday so embrace that inner child? Pop on the wellies, grab the lead and go splash in all the puddles, it is so great to just let go every now and then…Instead of cursing the rain, why not take a few moments to look at it and give thanks to the universe for providing moisture from the atmosphere to nourish the earth. When you are battling the rushing wind and freezing temperatures, think about your holiday let…think about how warm and toasty you will be in a short while, when you return. A mug of hot chocolate, a warm bubble bath…the fire blazing, doggie snoozing beside those golden amber flames, candles glowing…heaven!

Yes, your dog will certainly encourage you to do things on holiday you might never do at home. But why go alone? Bring a guest with you and book a pet friendly holiday let for two in Snowdonia. Those walks will be a lot more fun with someone to share them with.

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